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Ecare HMIS

Take your hospital digital in record time.


Apply for practicing rights in different hospitals in Kenya.

Medonic intergration

medonic intergration

Humastar intergration

High quality in vitro diagnostic products

Ichroma intergration

A compact and easy-to-use, fluorescence based POCT immunoassay analyzer

Snibe maglumi intergration

An important tool for COVID-19 vaccine efficacy assesment.

Humalyte intergration

Humalyte intergration

Swift Pay

Swift Pay is our Payment Channel that is M-PESA
(C2B, B2C,B2B) and Banks integration ready.

Swift Loans

Debt management app

Refer a Patient

Refer a patient to Metropolitan Hospital. Click on the Refer button to follow the link and refer.

United Imaging Ct scan

Computed Tomography Archives-United Imaging integration

Philips Ct an Xray Scanners

Philips Ct an X-ray Scanners integration

EasyDent Scanners

EasyDent Scanners intergration

General electric Scanners

General electric Scanners intergration

Swift Food

Order food at the Metropolitan Cafeteria

COVID-19 Vaccination Request

Book for Covid-19 Vaccination request at Metropolitan Hospital.

Patients App

We Care About Your Health And wellness

Queue Management System

Ecare Africa Queue Management System to be used in conjuction with the Ecare Africa Hospital Management Information System to manage patient queues.

Ecare Orders Tv

Ecare Orders Tv Companion Application.

Orders taking android app

Ecare Orders Application for taking orders.

Admin portal

Ecare Orders Admin.


Let's Pay Rent Conveniently Epayrent connects tenants with landlords to make rent payments simple, convenient, and transparent.


MyDuka is an affordable Point of Sale Software customizable to meet your specific business needs.

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